Project Management New Zealand (PMNZ) Privacy Policy


a) PMNZ provides courses and learning material, developed and recommended by fully qualified senior Quantity surveyors along with the provision of other services such as Learner support and tuition

b) PMNZ does its best to protect the privacy of the people participating in the PMNZ community including its Learners, employees and others. This Privacy Policy sets out how PMNZ ensures this is done in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 (and its subsequent amendments) and other applicable privacy laws.


a) This Privacy policy applies to all Personal Information provided to, collected, generated and/or held by PMNZ

b) Any individual who uses the Website agrees to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and processing of their Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

c) PMNZ may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting an updated Privacy Policy on its website.

Principles: How PMNZ collects Personal Information

1. PMNZ complies with the Privacy Act 1993 and its subsequent amendments.

2. PMNZ will maintain confidentiality on a need to know basis at all times.

3. PMNZ will manage any complaints of interference with privacy fairly, swiftly and effectively in accordance with the relevant current legislation and PMNZ policies.

4. The Privacy Act 1993 sets out twelve Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) which form the basis on which all issues of the privacy of personal information are determined. Everyone who has access to the personal information PMNZ collects and/or holds must understand and comply with these basic principles.

Associated procedures for the PMNZ policy on: Privacy
4.1 How PMNZ collects Personal Information

PMNZ collects information in different ways:

4.1.1 Direct Collection

PMNZ collects information directly from individuals. Direct collection includes information provided by an individual:

a) as part of PMNZ marketing, recruitment, enrolment and employment processes and operations;

b) through use of the Website;

c) through participation in surveys and competitions; and

d) through correspondence with PMNZ.

4.1.2 Automatic Collection

PMNZ collects information automatically through the use of the Website (including cookies), emails and other services.

4.1.3 Third Party Collection

PMNZ may collect information from third parties such as organisations involved with PMNZ

4.2 What Personal Information PMNZ collects
4.2.1 Learners

If an individual is a Learner, the information PMNZ collects may include:

a) biographical details (including name, former name, gender and date of birth);

b) contact details (including address, telephone, and email);

c) academic history as provided by the learner

d) citizenship or residency information as provided by the learner;

e) country of origin and ethnicity as provided by the learner;

f) national student number as provided by the learner;

g) any other information the Learner provides in connection with their enrolment;

h) statistical information about visits to the Website (e.g. IP address, search terms used, pages accessed on the Website and the links clicked on, date and time the site was visited, referring site (if any) which was used to click through to the website, operating system used (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS X, etc.), type of web browser used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.));

i) Learner analytics; learner information relating to course engagement and assessments.

4.3.2 Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

PMNZ will not discloses the Personal Information it holds to its learners to any third party including, contractors, agents, advisors, auditors and service providers who need to use the Personal Information for the Purposes.

Storage and security of information

PMNZ applies best practice industry standard security practises to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to keep your information safe and secure. This includes enterprise level authentication access control and data security practices.

Retention of information

PMNZ retains Personal Information for as long as is necessary for the Purposes and for it to comply with its legal and contractual obligations.

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