Learn the crucial skills needed for Project Management

Study in your own time

Expert tuition along the way

Learn the crucial skills needed for Project Management

Study in your own time

Expert tuition along the way

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Easy to use online

Self paced with expert guidance along the way
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Matt Steel

Site Manager - Savory construction

"This course was a great help in improving my skills as a project manager. I liked the self-paced format, which let me focus on areas I needed to work on. My tutor was great, and the material was spot on. It covered everything I was hoping for. The platform was easy to use, and all the course material was readily available and well-presented. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to up their game in construction."

Gavin Barr

Director - Ecospace

"As a busy construction company owner, I was glad to find a course that fit my schedule. The self-paced learning was perfect for me. The material was practical, and the tutors were great. I ended up enrolling a few of my workers as well and we all learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in the construction industry or looking to get into it."


Learn from some of NZ most experienced Project managers 

Our tutors have decades of experience in the industry

We have worked with some of New Zealand’s Largest Construction Companies

Friendly one to one guidance

Career advice and consultation

Course curriculum

Lesson 1
Module One
— Introduction
— Terminology
Lesson 2
Module Two
— Time Quality and Cost
— The brief
— Cost
— Basic design factors
— Other consultants
— Tendering processes
— Tender evaluation
— Construction contracts in common use
Module Two Assessment
Lesson 3
Module Three
— Residential process and order of operations
— A brief view of Pricing , claims and common terms
—  Scope of works
— Programme of work
— Cashflow forecasts
— Requests for information
— Variations price requests
— Engineers and architect instructions
— Progress claims
— Contract claims
— Tender evaluations
— Schedule of quantities
— Financial management post contract
— Nominated suppliers and Nominated subcontractors
— Included sums
— Financial bonds
— Contract administration flow chart
— Contract claim and cash flow example
Module Three Assessment
Lesson 4
Module Four
— Programme
— Activity schedules
— Acceleration of contract works
— Agreements to accelerate
— Extension of time
— Preparing a claim for extension of time
— Accepted programme under NEC ECC
— Tender evaluation
— Post contract administration
— Progress claims
— More on the programme
Module Four Assessment
Lesson 5
Module Five
— Health and safety in NZ
— Site specific plan
— Job site inspection form
— Hazard register
— Toolbox minutes Template
— Commentary on the construction contracts act
— Valuation for progress claims commentary and examples
Module Five Assessment
Lesson 6
Module Six
— Preliminary General and Administrative work
— Site meetings
— Site Diary
— Council Inspections
— Contract Terminations
— A brief overview of Construction activities
Module Six Assessment
Lesson 7
Module Seven
— More on claims for delay under the 3910 form of contract
— Commentary on commonly used clauses in 3910
— Retentions
Module Seven Assessment
Lesson 8
Module Eight
— Some useful reference material links etc
— Building Act and code
— Listed acts of parliament
— Department of building acceptable solutions
— Common building standards
— Documentation you need to collect
— Snagging
— Final account procedure
— Fina certificate
Module Eight Assessment



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